You're only a teenager once in your life. If you want to plan the most amazing teenage girl birthday party ever, this guide is for you.
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Do you have a teenage girl with an upcoming birthday?

Planning a teenage girl birthday party isn’t as difficult as it seems. Instead, it poses the perfect opportunity to show your teenager how much she matters to you.

But what should you do for teenage girl birthday parties?

Below, we’ll get into our top tips for planning a birthday party she’ll be talking about for years. Keep reading if you want her to have the time of her life on her birthday!

Pay Attention to Her Interests

What is your teenager interested in?

Does she like food, music, or art? If you don’t have any ideas, look at her social media pages to get some clues.

If she has a particular hobby, think about how you can make it into a full birthday party celebration.

Incorporate Her Favorite Food

Teenager appetites are fueled by their growing bodies. As such, you shouldn’t have a party without the teen’s favorite snacks!

Pay attention to what she always reaches for in the pantry or at the grocery store. Buy a cake that incorporates some of her favorite flavors. Customize it with decorations she’ll love.

Some alternatives to cakes include ice cream, cupcakes, muffins, cake pops, or even a waffle bar!

For the meal, try serving up a bunch of different styles of pizza, macaroni n’ cheese, or any other teenage favorites.

If you want to make her birthday extra-memorable, think about creating some fun drinks as well. Try a pineapple-orange sorbet punch or a watermelon picnic punch.

Hold a Glamour Party

Does your girl like to get glammed up while hanging out with her friends? If she enjoys manicures, hair styling, and makeup, consider holding glam parties!

First, buy our glamour party package. On the scheduled day, we’ll send over a truck equipped with crafts, games, movies, and a karaoke machine. Choose two out of these 3 services: hairstyling, makeup, or a mini manicure. Then, your girl and her friends will get all glammed up to party!

Ask guests to show up with their best dresses and let them enjoy a glamorous night!

Our party trucks also feature outdoor gaming and dancing areas. So, if you have people on your guest list who aren’t quite ready to party indoors yet, this is the perfect solution!

We also provide nice amenities, such as a flat-screen HDTV and a Wii.

If the guests just want to sit down and relax, they can do so in the stylish and comfortable party lounge.

Host a Movie Night

Did you know that you don’t have to go to the cinema to give your teen a wonderful night at the movies?

Instead, you just need to set up an outdoor theater space! This works best in warm weather. To create the theater, project the film onto a large, white surface. If you don’t have a white wall, consider hanging up a white sheet or buying an outdoor movie screen

Then, arrange pillows and picnic blankets out on your lawn. Give the kids their favorite finger foods to munch on, and let the birthday girl pick the movies!

Princess Parties

Does your teen still adore Disney? If so, then a princess party might be perfect for her. Take her shopping and allow her to pick out her favorite poofy ballgown. Then, ask others to come dressed for a ball!

Hire one of our trucks, which come with dancing areas, and let the guests dance the night away.

If your teenager also loves history, you can do this with a twist. Ask the guests to come dressed as a real-life, historical princess. Then, have fun trying to guess who everyone is!

Have Games Planned

For a successful teenage girl birthday party, you need to have some games planned.

This is important if your teenager wants to invite people who don’t know each other. A constant flow of activities reduces the chance that someone will feel left out.

We suggest beginning the party with an ice breaker activity, such as using our karaoke machines to sing their favorite songs.

Video Game Parties

Do your teenager and her friends love to game together?

If so, why not organize a video game party for them? Our trucks come with a lot of teenager-friendly video games, allowing them to play for as long as they want. This is a great way to keep the games going without having to plan a lot out.

Murder Mystery Party

True crime is becoming more and more popular among young adults these days. In fact, 44% of people who listen to podcasts in the United States listen to true crime.

Does your teenager love figuring out whodunit? Murder mystery partiesmight be one of the best ideas for her.

To plan these, purchase a murder mystery kit. Do not let her or anyone else who will be at the party see what’s inside. As the party host, you can open it to figure out what to do, but if she sees it, the fun will get spoiled.

When you send out invitations, let people know which character they’ll play. Ask them to dress up as that character. Once they arrive, encourage them to stay in character. Follow the party directions. The group will have to figure out who among them is guilty of murder.

Ready to Plan the Perfect Teenage Girl Birthday Party?

Planning for a teenage girl birthday party gives you the chance to give someone in your life the best night ever.

However, most people find it hard to fit birthday party planning into their busy schedules. Coming up with birthday party ideas for teenagers can be difficult. Plus, once you decide on a plan, you have to have the resources to execute it.

Want to take the guesswork out of planning birthdays for teenage girls? Let us help you! Our team provides excellent party-planning services for people of all ages.

Contact us today to learn more!