Rental Policy
Rockin Yard Signs

Rental Policy, Tips, and Facts

  1. We usually come to set up your signs anywhere from 4pm-Midnight. All of our setups take place the evening before a rental, so the set up window often varies.
  2. We try to keep as invisible as we can while setting up, please help us protect your surprise by keeping your curtains closed, and taking into account a barking dog or doorbell cameras that may set off an alert. We try our best, but cannot guarantee not being seen by the recipient.
  3. Signs are set up in all types of weather. We come back after 7pm, the day of your rental, to remove signs.
  4. We try to choose the best location on your lawn for great visibility. We take into account rocky ground, hills, trees, and shrubbery.
  5.  Please make sure someone in the house knows we are coming to set up a sign that evening. Please let neighbors know that there may be sneaky sign installers on your front yard that evening, as well.
  6. Please remember your landscapers and sprinkler systems. Please have the landscapers come a different day and be sure to turn off the sprinklers for the entire duration of the rental.
  7. Please send us a picture of your house, along with any other tips you may have, to help us plan your setup. Is your house number visible? Do you live on a main road? Do you have an extra long driveway. This kind of information helps.
  8. Please do not move the signs or pick any of the letters up for any reason. Please do not allow anyone to play near them, touch them, or lean on them. Our signs are built for display, but not this type of activity.
  9. All of our signs are expensive to manufacture and are a part of the inventory that we use for every rental. If any part of the yard sign is missing, damaged, or vandalized, we reserve the right to charge a $15 replacement fee for each item we can no longer use.
  10.   We set up and display the signs in a sturdy manner. Sometimes the weather    may not cooperate. If wind or rain cause the signs to shift at all, it may be necessary, in this case, to make an adjustment. We trust you in this situation.
  11.   We photograph each yard sign once we are finished setting up. If there is any problem that you may see, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

Our yard signs make great pictures! You’ll get the best results if you are standing behind them and having a blast!