5 Awesome Reasons to Have a Party Truck for Your Teenager's Birthday
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In the year 2020, we saw birthday parties transformed almost overnight. Kids and teens learned to adapt and embrace new and innovative ways to celebrate with their friends and families. More than a year later, chances are that your teen has completely lost interest in going to yet another car parade or zoom gathering.

Can you blame them?

The world is opening up, and it’s time for your teen to get together with their friends and celebrate!

With the return of in-person birthday parties on the horizon, it’s not too soon to begin to plan your teen’s first big bash with all of their friends. A party truck birthday party is a great way to ease back into celebration mode!

Still not convinced? Read on to learn about five awesome reasons why your teen will go head over heels for a party truck birthday bash this year!

Awesome Reason #1: Stress-Free

While the world is beginning to open up, many of us haven’t been further than the supermarket in months. Maybe you’re not sure about opening up your home to guests or have some anxiety about a return to large ven

ues and event spaces. If so, a party truck might be a great compromise!
Most party truck companies will bring everything right to your door, so you won’t need to go further than your front stoop to greet your teen’s party guests! If that’s as far as you want to go, that’s fine! Party trucks come with party staff, who will keep the party running, with or without you there to supervise!

In fact, it’s a great opportunity to take the afternoon off and let the party hosts take care of everything!

No rain date? No problem! These companies are ready for everything!

Party trucks have climate-controlled inside spaces with enough room for a crowd, as well as outdoor awnings where food and other activities can be set up. All you need to do is book your event and you’re set!

Awesome Reason #2: Teens Love Independence

No teen doesn’t love to hang out with their friends without the grownups around. A birthday party truck provides them with an entire world, separate from adults. They will still have the supervision of qualified party professionals.

Most party trucks come with plenty of activities, from high-tech gaming systems to karaoke machines. That means that your teen and their friends can essentially disappear for hours and never run out of things to do!

The best part is, parents and caregivers aren’t expected to participate, so you can give your teen as much space as they need. Everybody wins!

Awesome Reason #3: Activities For Every Interest

If your teen has an interest, there’s probably a party truck for that! Whether they’re into the latest gaming releases or just want to be pampered, these fully-equipped trucks can deliver.

A gaming bus birthday party usually provides the coolest, Instagram-worthy gaming chairs, colored lights, and titles. The buses and trucks run on their own generators, so there’s no need to up the electric bill in service of a good time! Most companies also honor special requests, so if your teen has a game that they’re dying to try, these wizards can make it happen!

Not into the gaming scene? Glamour truck birthday parties are an option for the teenager who loves to look fabulous! Most of these trucks come with a few teen-friendly beauty services, such as nail art and manicures, hair styling, and even makeup application.

These trucks provide many other activities, too, including arts and crafts, dance parties with colored disco lights, TVs for access to movies and YouTube videos, costumes and dress-up opportunities, and photo ops!

Awesome Reason #4: They Clean Up

While most birthday party trucks do not allow eating inside of the trucks themselves (after all, most of them are filled with the latest and greatest technology), you can go as simple or as complex with your party spread as you’d like. Whether you’re just having a few pizzas delivered to the truck, or setting up a buffet spread with all of your teen’s favs, the kids can feel free to graze on whatever is on offer!

As far as activities, you don’t need to worry about glittery arts and crafts, messy makeup, or rapidly shedding feather boas. All activities provided by the party company will be set up, cleaned up, and organized by the party hosts, so you won’t be stuck with cleanup duty.

Other than taking out the trash at the end of the party, you are off the hook!

Awesome Reason #5: It Won’t Break The Bank

If money is tight, you don’t need to worry – there’s no need to take out a second mortgage to throw your teen the coolest party truck celebration of all time. Most party truck companies offer a variety of packages, with something to suit every budget.

The price of your celebration will depend on a few factors, such as the length of your celebration, the number of party guests, and the number of activities you would like to offer to your teen’s friends. Even the biggest blowout doesn’t cost an exorbitant amount, which is pretty spectacular, considering they bring everything right to your home!

If you want to ease back into gathering, packages allow for small groups to spread out and take over the whole truck. If you are more than ready to invite all of your teen’s friends to party, most trucks can support upward of 20 guests!

Teens Love Party Truck Birthday Parties

Teens are more than ready to party, and party truck celebrations are an awesome option for a stress-free, high-interest, totally independent party!

If you’re ready to plan your teen’s next birthday bash, contact Rockin Party LLC to inquire about rates and dates for glamour and gaming truck parties! You’ll have the best party around, and your kids will thank you for it.