7 Fun and Creative Glamour Party Ideas for Girls
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7 Fun and Creative Glamour Party Ideas for Girls

Need an idea for your daughter’s next birthday party? Looking for a party that’s going to be legendary?

You’ve come to the right place. Rockin’ Glamour Parties has all the ideas you need to make her glamour party the one she and her friends will never forget.

Let us handle the details, you pick the theme.

Here are our tips on how to make this party the best party EVER, and what we can do to help!

Make It The Best Glamour Party Ever

Birthday parties are a big deal these days, At Rockin’ Glamour Parties, we want to help make your party awesome! We bring our Glamour Lounge right to you, and bring almost everything you need!

Our Glamour Lounge is heated and air-conditioned for parties during any season – rain or shine!

Glamour Lounge

With our Glamour Lounge, you will have your choice of two, hairstyling, mini manicure, or make-up.

We will bring Arts N’ Crafts, Wii games, and karaoke. Our portable Lounge provides a covered outdoor dance and gaming area, as well as an inside party suite.

Sleepover Tents

Our Sleepover Tent package includes delivery, set up, and takedown of all party equipment.

We will provide a luxurious hand-crafted tent with fairy lights and a cozy throw. A display sign will show your special event. You can choose a decorative garland, banner, or a chalkboard nameplate.

Lantern with a battery-operated tea light, mattress with protective cover, and fitted sheets. Decorative pillows will be provided but we ask each guest to bring their own pillowcase for hygiene reasons


All party options have goodie bag add ons.

Add-ons for our spa packages include glitter tattoos, body jewels, fairy wings, feather boas, t-shirt, headbands, wands, and tutus.

For our tent packages, you can add, personalized makeup bags for each child filled with lip gloss, eyeshadow, and blush. A hairbrush craft for each guest with gems to decorate it. Sleep mask, socks, and lip gloss.

We can also provide a canvas painting craft, a snack box filled with candy, popcorn, and water bottles.

There are options for personalized water bottles, t-shirts, and pillowcases.

All party add-ons are for an additional cost.

1. Spa Party!

Get out the cucumbers and avocado face masks, it’s relaxation time! Every little girl dreams of going to the spa, why not bring the spa to her?

Check out these face masks that your kids will love!

One great benefit of a spa party is the food. It’s a self-care day, so bring out the fruit! You can even serve sparkling water in fancy champagne flutes from your local party store!

The girls can get their hair done and a manicure in our glamour lounge! This is sure to be a great party for girls of any age.

2. Princess Tea Party!

Tell all the invited ladies to don their favorite princess dress. Make your own tiara and jewelry crafts will keep these girls occupied for hours.

No tea party is complete without sandwiches, and since they’re kids the sandwiches don’t have to be too fancy. Some peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and a few grilled cheese will work great, cut into fun shapes if you’re feeling a little extra fancy.

Pick our spa package and choose hairstyling and makeup to complete the princess look!

3. Fashion Show!

Roll out the catwalk and turn on the spotlights… or fairy lights.

Gear up with dress-up clothes and have the girls pick out the most fashionable outfits they can. Have hair and makeup waiting for the model’s arrival. Once they’re ready, pump up the music and have them strut down the catwalk!

Snap some photos and print them out in a large size. You can have some scrapbooking letters and stickers, and the girls can create their own magazine cover!

4. Karaoke Rock Stars!

What party isn’t complete without a show? Let the girls belt out their favorite tunes and dance like they’re rock stars.

As favors, you can have personalized grammy awards! And take a look at these microphone cupcakes, all of the kids would love these!

Don’t have a karaoke machine, don’t worry, we can bring the karaoke to you in our portable Glamour Lounge.

5. Make It a Sleepover!

Every girl loves a sleepover!

Introduce them to all the games you used to play as kids like MASH, toilet paper dresses, and this or that. The girls will have a blast.

Beware though, the first girl will wake up at sunrise and get the rest of the girls up. Preset your coffee for the morning and be prepared to make an enormous amount of pancakes.

Our Sleepover Tent package has everything you need for your sleepover set up, and you won’t even have to lift a finger!

6. Movie Night!

Having a sleepover? Get a projector and have the best movie night ever.

Don’t forget the snacks. Popcorn… better yet, a popcorn bar? Let the girls choose popcorn add-ins like m&ms, sour patch kids, gummy bears, or pretzels. The possibilities are endless!

Kick it up a notch and make it an overnight party with our Sleepover Tent package.

7. Don’t Forget the Decorations

Head on over to your favorite store to get the sparkliest decorations you can find. The more glitter – the better! For any kids, party balloons are a necessity, and themed decorations depending on what your party is.

Make the food part of the decorations and follow your theme with that, too. Or better yet, decorate your own cupcakes!

At Rockin’ Glamour Parties, we also have epic party signs for any of your party needs!

Need Some Help?

Rockin’ Glamour Parties is ready to help make your glamour party the one your kids will talk about for years to come! We will do all the hard work and bring the party to you in our mobile Glamour Lounge.

Contact us to plan your party today. Together, we can come up with the best combination for the perfect party!