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It wasn’t until the 20th century that birthday celebrations were a national tradition. Since then, people have come up with countless creative birthday party ideas to commemorate these occasions.

One of the most notable is renting a video game truck to keep guests entertained. Games on wheels come with many benefits, and we’ve put together a brief guide on what you need to know. Let’s get started.


Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for birthday parties to be unengaging. In some cases, they can even be boring. The last thing you want is for your guests to leave dissatisfied.

A candy truck that also offers mobile arcade games is the perfect solution for this concern. Everyone can participate in an activity that requires constant involvement. In most cases, children will stay engaged and entertained the whole time, making your job as the host much easier.


When children perform the same activity together, they naturally bond with each other. For example, 10 guests might play a game that requires all of them to communicate and collaborate to succeed.

They’ll walk away from this experience closer than when they started. This can even lead to the development of strong friendships. There’s also something to be said about the social aspect of gaming.

There are many kids who are shy when communicating with their peers but also talented at certain video games. When they have a chance to show off their skills, they’ll find it much easier to communicate with those around them. At the very least, video games are an amazing way to help children interact with each other.


All attendees will be in a safe location for the duration of the event. You won’t have to worry about keeping an eye on a large number of children.

At conventional birthday parties, there’s always a risk that kids could wander off, injure themselves, etc. Video game parties are much easier to manage, so keep this factor in mind when making your decision.


Working with a professional comes with valuable peace of mind. They’ll handle all the logistics of the situation, and many companies offer food/drinks with their party packages.

Video game parties are also accessible to people of all types. To clarify, imagine a birthday party that included a large amount of athletic activity like climbing, swimming, etc.

There are certain children with medical conditions who wouldn’t be able to participate. Virtually everyone can take part in a video game party, making it a great way to include a large number of people. Your guests will leave the occasion with timeless memories of the fun they had.


Video game truck parties are objectively one of the most unique ways to celebrate a birthday, and they break up the monotony of conventional events.

Chances are that your guests will have never experienced anything like them before. Unique experiences are often more entertaining, so they’re sure to have an amazing time at your event.


Video game sessions don’t always have to be a collaborative effort. There are plenty of games that allow players to test their skills against each other. With so many guests, children can take turns in one-on-one matches or split into separate teams.

This level of competition is highly engaging and serves to keep kids focused throughout the event. It’s important to come up with some sort of system regarding playtime, though. The last thing you want is for certain children to feel left out.

The professional you work with will strive to keep your guests as entertained as possible. This will go a long way toward making your party a stellar experience for everyone involved.

Cost Savings

Finally, consider the cost savings that renting a video game truck can provide. Not everyone has the space at their home to accommodate a large number of people for a birthday party. In cases like these, they often have to rent a venue.

Although it’s possible to have large birthday parties in public spaces, it’s more difficult to manage attendees. Renting a video game truck for the occasion is much cheaper than booking space at a venue.

You can then reinvest the money you save into other aspects of the party. For example, you may have enough money left over after the video game party to take everyone out to dinner, order pizzas, etc.

Finding a Provider

When searching for a provider, consider their past reputation. There should be no shortage of positive feedback from previous customers. Consider what people have to say about the company’s professionalism, how entertained their guests were, etc.

You should also consider the company’s location. While arcade trucks will come to you, they may charge extra money if you’re outside a certain radius. The last thing you want is to experience financial surprises when organizing a birthday party.

Look into their industry experience, as well. They should be established in the local community and have a comprehensive plan to keep partygoers entertained. Always ask about the type of video games they offer to make sure they’re appropriate for children.

Don’t Overlook Games on Wheels

Renting games on wheels can be a great way to make a birthday unforgettable. Just be sure to find the right provider so you can avoid issues you may have otherwise encountered. From here, you’re sure to create an amazing experience for your guests.

Get in touch with a representative today at Rockin’ Candy Parties. Our team is ready to help connect you with the best solutions for your occasion.