Would you like to know about the most common mistakes to avoid when organizing a glamour birthday party? Read on to learn more.

Are you sick and tired of holding birthday parties where you wished you could have done something differently? Do you want to run away from the big day because you just don’t want to deal with the hassle of planning it and being disappointed by it?

You might want to hold a glamour birthday party because it’s your daughter’s ardent wish or because you want to give your child some special memories. Whatever your reason might be, there are some mistakes to watch out for when planning glamour birthday parties. Read on to find out what they are.

Not Planning Your Birthday the Way You Want It

Everyone is going to have big ideas for how you should plan a glamour birthday party. But you need to ignore it all and make your child’s birthday party something you know they would care about.

If you wish to have an afternoon shindig, then do so. If you hate the idea of eating fancy appetizers but want pizza with decadent toppings on it, then go for it!

There are no rules that say that glamour birthday parties need to follow some kind of format.

Leaving the Glamour Birthday Party Planning until Too Late

It takes time, effort, money, and some sweat to plan a glamour-filled birthday party. It’s not as easy as messaging all the parents of your children’s friends and telling them to show up to a particular venue at some designated time.

You will need to do some thinking and planning beforehand to ensure you have a birthday party worth remembering. Something that will go down in the books as THE glamour birthday party of the century.

Not Finding a Suitable Glamour Birthday Party Venue

A glamour birthday party can get quite messy, as it’s meant to. So you will want to keep this party far away from your home or apartment and get it over to a professional venue where cleaners can come in and deal with the ravages of the party afterward.

Can you imagine staying up after the party to scrub off the aftereffects? That does not sound ideal. A professional party venue will also be able to help you with setting up and taking down decorations, and with spicing up your catering menu.

Not Paying Enough Attention to the Decor

The decor of a glamour-filled birthday party is quite different from a regular run-of-the-mill one. That’s why you will want to pay close attention to the decorations you choose for your party. They need to be shiny, sparkly, and eye-catching.

Also, you will want to go wild with the colors. Lots of golds, blacks, maroons, and other luxurious colors should dominate your decor. Leave the grays and browns to the un-glam folks.

Spending Way Too Much Time on Your Phone

You’ve been there. Instead of enjoying time with your daughter who’s having fun at her birthday party, you are on the phone chatting with the caterer or the venue organizer, to ensure everything goes up to par.

Do not do this to yourself. You don’t want to experience your child’s first glamour experience through pictures or a videographer’s view.

Stay in the present moment and spend quality time with your child. It’s their big day and they would want you to enjoy it with them.


Not Having Finger Foods That Are Easy to Eat Standing Up

No matter how much seating you have available, most people are going to stand about and eat their food. It might be because they want to play games while they eat. Or they are just too excited to sit and consume their meal.

Whatever the reason, you need to ensure you have easy-to-eat, non-messy finger foods for your guests to consume. Have more than enough available so people don’t have to scrounge or hold back. And order pizza later on or have extra appetizers for all those stragglers and people who show up late to the party.

Not Having a Plan for the after Party

The party might end right on time at midnight, so you can go sleep peacefully. But most probably, it will go on till the wee hours of the night, especially if your guests are mostly teenagers who are night owls. That’s why you need to have a plan for the after-party.

Most party venues won’t stay open after midnight, so you will need to find a place that does, that serves food, and that allows for guests after midnight.

Maybe you will take them back to your apartment or house. Or maybe you will kick them out and say you want to go to sleep. As long as you have a plan, you will be golden.

Trying to Ensure Everything Is Perfect

Don’t worry about making your party perfect. There are going to be lots of things that are going to go wrong. And no matter how much you plan everything to a T, some of your plans will fall to the wayside.

Let it go and enjoy being in the moment. You did the best you could. Now it’s time for you to enjoy your time with your loved ones and friends, and celebrate your daughter passing another revolution around the sun.

Are You Ready to Plan the Shindig of the Century?

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