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Girls’ Glamour Parties in Rockland and Bergen Counties

Girls birthday parties are sometimes very difficult to carry off.  You may not be up to the task of shepherding children to the nail salon for a treat, but want to do something more fun than another pizza and slumber party. That’s where Rockin’ Glamour Parties comes in. Rockin’ Glamour Parties is perfect for kids’ birthday parties in Rockland and Bergen Counties. The Rockin’ Glamour Bus is equipped with manicure stations, hair styling stations, and makeup, all done by our Glamour Girls. There is also a craft station with activities such as picture frame decorating, jewelry making, and now, the extremely popular rainbow loom!

No matter what the weather, Rockin’ Glamour Parties are fun! If it’s raining or chilly out, the girls can play inside our lovely, climate controlled luxury arcade truck party bus. If it’s nice out, we have an outdoor stage where kids can rock out and dance their hearts out! Rockin’ Glamour Parties are not just for birthdays, either. They made a great Bat Mitzvah activity, graduation party, or pre-prom beautifying activity. Providing memorable kid’s parties to Rockland and Bergen Counties is our mission, and we guarantee a party your kids will never forget.

The Best Birthday Party a Modern Kid Can Have

If you’re looking to host the best birthday or holiday party on the block, look no further than Rockin’ Gamin’ Parties! Rockin’ Gamin’ Parties is the brainchild of Ray and Dina Pawlyk, both NYS certified teachers in the Bergen/Rockland area. With years of experience around children, it makes sense that they would know how to throw and awesome kids’ party-and thus, Rockin’ Gamin’ Parties was born. Rockin’ Gamin’ Parties is themed for children between the ages of 6 and 13 generally, but all ages can attend and have a great time.

Rockin’ Gamin’ Parties consists of two buses, one geared towards girls and one towards boys-but again, there are no restrictions on who wants to come have fun. The Rockin’ Arcade Bus is filled with the latest videogame consoles, flat screen televisions, and special gaming chairs. Partygoers can play all the popular games in our awesome, climate-controlled gaming capsule. The Rockin’ Glamour party bus, meanwhile, is a temperature-regulated bus that contains spa and salon packages, along with craft-making and karaoke.  As you can see, Rockin’ Gamin’ Parties, serving Rockland and Bergen Counties, has everything your children could want to have a good time, created by people who know how to have fun!

Amazing Entertainment for Rockland and Bergen County

Whether you need entertainment for an annual barbecue, a parents’ night out, a bat/bar mitzvah, graduation party or more, Rockin’ Gamin’ Parties is here to help. We are a business of two self-contained arcade, gaming and salon trucks for Rockland and Bergen Counties that can be rented to spice up any occasion.

Better than just renting a space though, we bring the party to you! Located in the Rockland/Bergen area, Rockin’ Gamin’ Parties has a boys’ themed arcade truck and a girls’ themed game and spa truck. Both of our party buses are fully self-supporting, including our own generators. We supply everything you need for a great party-even supervision, so you can relax knowing your children are having a great time in safe hands.

Make your parties the hit of the year with Rockin’ Gamin’ Parties. With several different packages for all different sizes or parties, there are many options to choose from. And don’t worry now that the winter months are almost here-both of our party busses are fully climate controlled!

Make Any Party a Special Event

Spice up your boring corporate events with Rockin’ Gamin’ Parties. No longer will your employees’ kids be standing around with nothing to do, and annual company picnics will become a great way to spend the day doing something fun.

Rockin’ Gamin’ Parties features a pair of traveling party trucks for Bergen and Rockland Counties that provide hours of child oriented fun and can be rented for any occasion!  Perhaps you have a grand opening and would like to draw crowds to your event. Well, look no further than Rockin’ Gamin’ Parties! With both a Rockin’ Gaming Bus and a Rockin’ Glamour Bus, we are sure we can draw crowds and keep things fun. Rather than a plain old bouncy castle, give adults and parents a chance to relax and kids a chance to have fun, and hire a Rockin’ Gamin’ Parties bus today!

Perhaps you are running an event for charity and want to ensure high attendance. We assure you that once word gets out about Rockin’ Gamin’ Parties being there, you won’t be able to keep the crowds away. In short, Rockin’ Gamin’ Parties is a great way to bring positive attention to your event, while allowing kids to have fun in a safe and contained, healthy environment, Give us a call to learn more or book an appointment today!

Make Your Little Girl’s Birthday Party Something Truly Special

What little girl doesn’t love a spa day with all of her friends for her birthday?  Rockin’ Gamin’ Parties Rockin’ Glamour Bus is equipped to provide just that, for the best girls’ birthday party experience in the Rockland/Bergen Area.

Rockin’ Gamin’ Parties offers a makeover, nail salon, or hairstyling for your girls’ day, along with arts and crafts (now featuring the immensely popular rainbow loom), Wii games, dancefloor, and more! Rockin’ Gamin’ Parties will travel to you and provide all of the supplies and supervision necessary to have a great girls’ salon day, complete with dancing and karaoke!

Rockin’ Glamour Bus also has televisions and their very own Rock Star Stage. If you’re looking for a great and novel way to throw a popular girls’ birthday party bash in Rockland or Bergen County, the Rockin’ Gamin’ Parties glamour truck for girls is the way to go!

Everything You Need for an Unforgettable Party

Rockin’ Gamin’ Parties, the premier party truck in the Rockland/Bergen area, brings a whole new approach to kids’ parties! Our arcade truck parties are a hit with boys and girls alike. And since we handle everything from set-up to clean up, they’re a pretty big hit with parents as well!

We offer two different party busses to meet any needs. For Rockland and Bergen girls’ parties, we offer the Rockin’ Glamour Bus, which involves a nail painting/makeover station, arts and crafts, a mini dance floor, and more!  Then, for Rockland and Bergen boys’ parties, we have the Rockin’ Gamin’ Bus, which features gaming consoles. Hi-def televisions, and a ‘rock star stage’.

Rockin’ Gamin’ Parties can accommodate up to thirty partiers in our base packages. With different packages ranging from 1.5 to 3 hours, there is something for everyone. For both Gamin’ and Glamour parties, we offer many additional add-ons and extras for the partygoers ranging from facepaint to dogtags. Our state-of the art arcade trucks are outfitted with climate control, new electronics, and run on generators. Next time you’re stumped on how to throw a great birthday party, just call Rockin’ Gamin’ Parties and let us do the work!

The Perfect, Portable Party for Any Child

Rockin’ Gamin’ Parties is the brainchild of two certified teachers with almost 20 years of experience working with and around children.  Now you can utilize their extensive experience to provide your kids with the perfect party event.

Rockin’ Gamin’ Parties is Rockland and Bergen counties children’s parties experts, and your solution for genuinely fun gaming-and-glamour themed parties for kids. With up-to-date equipment and accessories, Rockin’ Gamin’ Parties’ arcade and glamour trucks take all the fuss and hassle out of throwing a party. Rockin’ Gamin’ Parties was based on what kids would actually enjoy doing at their parties, and we think we’ve achieved that with both our gamin’ trucks and our glamour trucks.

We offer different pricing packages and are sure we can accommodate your needs and desires for a Rockin’ Gamin’ Party. Simply call or email us to discuss and begin planning the party to end all parties today!

The Most Glamorous Parties for New York and New Jersey

Rockin’ Glamour Parties is a fully-equipped glamour party bus for the Rockland/Bergen area. If you’re stumped as to a theme for a girls’ birthday party, simply give us a call and we’ll handle the rest with our Rockin’ Glamour Parties bus!

Our 30-foot party truck is equipped with a manicure station, makeup station, and hair station, along with an arts and crafts table, karaoke, and a dance floor. Our trained Glamour Gals will do your party members’ hair, makeup and nails with sterile and disposable tools to ensure safety and beauty, after which they can engage in supervised crafts or a dance-off!

The Rockin’ Glamour Parties bus is perfect for pre-prom beautification, birthday parties, girls’ night in, back to school parties and more. As with the Rockin’ Gamin’ Parties package, we offer many optional extras such as feather boas, face painting, wands, tutus, and more. Our Rockin’ Glamour Parties base package is for 12 glamorous girls, but accommodations can be made for more. Simply contact us through phone or email, and we will be happy to discuss the logistics with you.   Make your child’s party one they’ll never forget with a glamorous day with Rockin’ Glamour Parties.

Rockland’s Premier Party Truck

Rockin’ Gamin’ Parties is a traveling party truck that will come right to you! Equipped with giant HDTVs, comfy captains chairs, the Xbox, Playstation and Wii along with the most popular games on the market, Rockin’ Gamin’ Parties is the best choice for boys’ birthday parties in NY.

No need to worry about inclement weather as we’re entirely self-contained and need only a level place to park. Our Gamin’ Party packages include T-shirts, invitations, a dance and gaming area, and many optional add-ons such as camouflage makeup, dog tags, and temporary tattoos.

It can be hard to entertain a troupe of rowdy boys sometimes, but at Rockin’ Gamin’ Parties we are confident we can help your youngsters have a good time. The best part is– we provide all the supervision and cleanup, so the adults can kick back and enjoy the day as well. Rockin’ Gamin’ Parties has different packages to meet your financial and societal needs, and we will be happy to discuss it with you ahead of time. We are the number one game truck and children’s party bus in Rockland!

Keep the Kids Entertained at Your Next Corporate Event

For your next big corporate event, rather than leaving the kids to get into who-knows-what sort of trouble, why not hire an arcade or glamour truck from Rockin’ Gamin’ Parties?

If you are in the Rockland/Bergen area, our party trucks can really spice up your annual office picnic or grand opening. Newer, trendier, more fun and much more innovative than a bouncy castle, Rockin’ Gamin’ Parties is the hot new thing in kids’ entertainment.  We offer two different sorts of party bus sure to please both girls and boys, and handle all the cleanup and supervision, leaving you free to handle and run your event.

Our high-quality, state of the art New York party trucks are each 30 feet long and self contained with climate control, new and clean interiors, and self-contained generators. To create buzz and draw people to your event, Rockin’ Gamin’ Parties will certainly gather attention and keep the kids happy.

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